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"Make friends, connect and Thrive.

Empower Growth

Ole: Where Jewish Leaders Build their Legacy and Global Impact

The Zion Business Circle Ole’ is a highly curated, global group of Jewish CEOs, entrepreneurs and our friends who are driven not only by success, but also by a profound commitment to our values, our people, and the state of Israel.

The Ole Pledge

As Oglim (circle in Hebrew), we pledge to support one another, advocate for our collective interests, and foster a world where Jewish values, leadership, and the prosperity of Israel and the Jewish people are paramount. We invite you to join us in this noble journey, to be part of something greater than ourselves, and to help sculpt a future filled with hope, unity, and success for years to come.

The membership fees start at $180 a month as a business expense and plus a one time $1,800 initiation fee. We are based in Israel and serve Jewish communities and Israeli causes.


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